Protecting Your Legacy

You’ve spent years building your practice into what it is today. The relationships you have with your patients are deep and meaningful. We know it, and it matters to us. As part of your transition, we collaborate with you in all areas from developing transition and business plans for your practice to finding the right replacement.

It’s all about fit. Does this plan, initiative, or person fit with the practice, environment, and legacy you’ve created? We can’t answer that. Only you can. And we’re listening.

Innovative Solutions to Complex Transition Questions

Are you considering retirement; but, hesitant because you are unsure as to whether you’re ready to completely stop practicing? Are you worried about your legacy, and your patients, post-transition? We may be able to help.

In the past, most clinicians approaching retirement have faced a difficult choice between the desire to solidify financial stability in retirement, and the desire to continue practicing. Historically, these two options have been mutually exclusive—until now.

Array Dental Group, in conjunction with our partners, is equipped to facilitate creative, and flexible, transitions. In many cases, we are able to provide clinicians a pathway to financial certainty in retirement, while maintaining the flexibility to continue practicing as long as they’d like, under significantly less stressful conditions than previously accustomed. Our transition arrangements allow clinicians to spend their twilight years in practice focused solely on their patients, without important post-transition questions looming.

In addition, because integrity is one of our core values, we assist all transition candidates in securing independent representation, if they don’t already have it.

[re]Focus On Your Passion

You chose this career because you wanted to help people; not deal with the stress of running a business.

Do what you love

Helping you Secure Independent Representation

Your practice is your life’s work. We take that very seriously. Such a big decision warrants careful, deliberative, consideration. Most importantly, it warrants engaging independent advisors who have your best interests in mind. You’ll want independent representation in several key areas pertaining, at minimum, to:

  1. Practice Valuation
  2. Practice-Transition-Specific Legal Representation
  3. Tax Implications

Array Dental Group is committed to integrity in all things that we do. In the event that you are in need of independent representation, in any or all of these areas, we can help. We’ve developed relationships with several service providers who share our core values, and who will independently represent your interests aggressively, and effectively, at reasonable rates.

For more information on how Array Dental Group, located in Columbia, MD, can help you transition into a new and exciting era, please use the form below or call us at (240) 755-0906. We look forward to working with you.